A graduate of the University of Texas Film program, Boaz worked as a video clerk before landing his first screenwriting gig in the world of Japanese animé, forcing English into Japanese mouth-flaps on shows such as “Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok,” “UFO Princess Valkyrie,” “Shadow Skill” and “Cyberteam in Akihabara.” After several years of working in commercial film production, Boaz bit the bullet and wrote, directed and co-produced his first feature, the uproarious comedy THE HOLY DEUCE, using a crew borrowed wholesale from a local home-shopping jewelry channel. When his film was an official selection to The Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival, Boaz bit another bullet and moved to New York. Since then he has written a gangster flick for a Bollywood producer, created a blog about all things celluloid (isleofcinema.com), and been a featured writer for The Second City comedy troupe, TMI Hollywood. Currently living in Los Angeles, Boaz continues to churn out quality screenplays, including the pilot for ARK CITY JAZZ, which was runner-up in ScreenCraft’s 2014 Pilot Launch TV Script competition. His latest project is a comic book adaptation of NIGHT OF THE MULLETS.