NIGHT OF THE MULLETS comic book issue #1 nearly complete!!

Hey everybody! Big news about NIGHT OF THE MULLETS – as some of you know I assembled a team to adapt my screenplay and we’re in the process of putting out a comic book. As of this writing, issue #1 is nearly done – with interior artwork by the amazing Valentin Ramon (D4VE, The Blackstone Chronicles) and a cover by the incomparable Jim Mahfood (Howard the Human, Miami Vice Remix, Everybody Loves Tank Girl, Clerks).

So far we’ve had some interest from several comic book publishers, with the general feedback being incredibly positive. However, I’ve learnt that to avoid lapses in production most companies will only get involved once the entire first arc is complete. I’m therefore considering whether to bite the bullet and launch a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign to fund the entire 6 issue series or pursue some other course of action – like putting up issue #1 at Comixology – because I’m chomping at the bit to get this out and read by as many of you as possible!

I’ll try to update you as things develop – and if you have any experience with this stuff or suggestions please get in touch! You can follow our progress on twitter at